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The most curious question of our patients who come to Istavita Clinic and consider hair transplantation is "Is it possible to have unshaved hair transplantation?” In this, regard, We will try to answer this question for you in this article. It is of course the most natural demand that people want their hair, which is one of the most prominent elements of their external appearance, to have a hair transplant operation without cutting. In this context, when some patients learn that their hair will be shaved, they may give up without hair transplant operation.

As Istavita Clinic, we have prepared this article in order to focus on this issue in detail and to clarify what our patients should understand when it comes to "unshaved hair transplantation".

First of all, some of the reasons why Istavita Clinic patients do not want to have their hair cut during the hair transplant operation are as follows:

Especially for women, cutting their long hair can cause a traumatic situation,

The patients do not want it to be noticed that they had hair transplantation,

Our patients, who are constantly in the business life, do not want to tolerate the period after hair transplantation,

After examining the reasons mentioned above, as a result, yes, it is possible to perform the hair transplant operation, especially with the DHI Hair Transplant technique, without shaving the whole hair before the hair transplantation. In this context, there are four basic options in front of patients in terms of shaving the hair in hair transplantation operation. The first of these options is to perform a hair transplant operation by naturally shaving the head completely. This method is the most used method. In this method, with the expression "completely", both the donor area where the hair will be collected and the area where the hair will be transplanted is shaved. The second option is the hair transplantation method, in which only the donor area is completely shaved. The first of these methods is hair transplantation in which the hair on the back (donor area) is partially cut and the second method is the hair transplantation method without shaving the hair. Afterwards, it is known that they convince the patients to have normal hair transplantation by talking about the difficulty of this technique, which these clinics have never done before. operation vi You can see our before and before / after images by viewing them. If you are in a suitable patient class for unshaved hair transplantation, the best address to perform an operation with this technique will be istavita Clinic.

Unshaved Hair Transplant Methods

1. Invisible shaving hair transplantation method (In people with long hair, a small window is opened between the two ears at the back of the head and the hair follicles are removed)

2. Unshaved hair transplantation method (hair transplantation technique in which the donor and the area to be transplanted are made without shaving)

We can mention that there are various limitations in the application of both of these techniques. There are some criteria to be eligible for this type of hair transplantation. If there is a serious hair loss for a patient and therefore a hair transplant operation of 3,000 - 4,000 grafts is needed, unfortunately, unshaved hair transplantation is not possible. In this context, a planning can be made for 1000 to 2800 grafts, depending on the patient's condition, in order to perform unshaved hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation by Shaving Your Hair Partially

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, this operation can be planned for a person whose hair transplant need is less than 2800 and has long hair. In this operation, it is necessary to shave the area where the hair is taken. The area on the back of the head between the two ears is trimmed as a strip or rectangular window. With this shaving, the hair on the shaved area after the operation will cover this area. Thus, the shaved area will not be visible after the operation. What is mentioned here is to have hair longer than about 6-7 cm. For someone with short hair, before this operation, it can turn into a suitable candidate if he grows his hair.

Advantages of Partially Shaved Hair Transplantation

The patient who has the operation can preserve the old hair style and length before and after.

Since the hair transplant operation will not be known, he can return to his normal life and work in a short time.

Since fewer grafts will be transplanted in this operation, the healing process will be shorter.

Since the scab in the donor area after the operation is covered with hair, it will not be seen.

Disadvantages of Partially Shaved Hair Transplantation

This operation can only be applied to people with long hair.

Since the number of hair follicles that can be taken in a single session may be limited to the opened window area, it may be slightly less.

If the opening is large and accordingly, if the hair transplantation operation will be performed in more than one session, there should be 6 months between these sessions.

Since the donor area is limited to a small area, it may be excessively worn by inexperienced doctors.

The cost of the operation may be somewhat high.

Completely Unshaved Hair Transplantation Method

First of all, this method can be applied if a maximum of a thousand grafts are mentioned in the hair transplant operation. In addition, the patient must have the following features. This method is applied more successfully if the patient's hair is sparse and open between them, planting is expected in a small area and the transplantation is limited to a narrow area. The most important factor that makes this operation different from other operations is that it is performed with a semi-open cylindrical needle in the hair root extraction process. The needles used in the operation are 0.7-0.95 mm in diameter and this needle open-ended cylindrical structure can be rotated by human control. The hair root and body are taken in by the open end of this needle. It is then rotated so that the incision reaches 360 degrees. Thus, the skin that will keep the hair alive is completely separated. After that, if the hair is long, transplantation can be done between the hair with DHI (Choi Implanter) tips. It should not be forgotten here that even if the hair is transplanted long, it will experience shock shedding. The hair will start growing again.

Unshaved Hair Transplant Method Advantages

Hair is not shaved in any way.

As in other unshaved hair transplantation, it is important that the hair is long, but here the length is not 6-7 cm, this transplantation can be performed for people with shorter hair.

It is almost impossible to see the area where the hair is collected, since it will be covered homogeneously with other hair.

Since very few hair follicles will be transplanted in the operation, the recovery will be much faster accordingly.

Disadvantages of Unshaved Hair Transplantation Method

The most important disadvantage of this operation is that it requires a very high experience and expertise.

The hair follicle that can be taken in a single session may be slightly less compared to the FUE method, but these numbers have now reached levels that will satisfy the hair transplant recipients.

Shock spill will be seen in the same way after the operation.

It is an operation that takes a little longer operation time.

The cost may be slightly higher compared to other transplants.

The Preferences of Unshaved Hair Transplantation

As Istavita Clinic, we have been performing hair transplant operations since 2004. We have followed all the stages of hair transplantation techniques until today and the statistics of hair transplantation operations we have experienced as a practitioner briefly reveals a table as follows:

Partially shaved hair transplantation and unshaved hair transplantation mainly targets women and men with long hair.

94% of all hair transplant operations are performed by shaving the hair. This rate is the same throughout the world.

Among the rest, the rate of partially shaved hair transplantation does not exceed 4-5%.

Finally, when we look at those who have had a completely unshaved hair transplant, we can say that this number is less than 1%.

In the evaluations shared by some patients who underwent an operation with the unshaved hair transplantation method, we can say that they were satisfied with the results. In addition, they stated that the results would be much better if they had a hair transplant operation after shaving completely. As a result, hair transplant specialists do not recommend this operation in cases where the person does not have to have unshaved hair transplantation. Because there is a limitation in the number of grafts in unshaved hair transplantation. This is an important factor for hair transplantation as it will affect the natural appearance.

In this field, we strive to make the best possible, and we are passionate about our work. As Istavita Clinic, our main goal is 100% patient satisfaction. For this reason, we have aimed to provide you, our precious patients, your unique personal care plan and to work with all our strength to make you look and feel your best by using cutting-edge surgical techniques. For more detailed information, we invite you to take a look at our website and talk to our consultants to find answers to your questions. Also, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us in order to improve ourselves and our service quality.

About Hair Transplant in Turkey, what we are most pleased with is that the needs of each of our patients are different and therefore each surgery has its own artistic needs. With this in mind, we are pleased to move forward with your ideas, as the application to be done in the mind of our patients is the best possible and our patients will achieve the appearance they want. In this way, we have 98% patient satisfaction, and we are happy to see that our operations result exactly as our patients wanted. If you want to entrust yourself to experts and get VIP service for this operation; By clicking on the link https://www.istavitaclinic.com/contact , you can take your first step where your new look begins.

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