Needleless Anesthesia

Needleless Anesthesia While Hair Transplantation in Turkey istavita Hair Transplant Clinic
Needleless Anesthesia While Hair Transplantation

In surgical operations, the most common concern for patients is the fear of feeling pain and ache. Since hair transplantation is also characterized as a surgical intervention, we often face patients who ask questions about feeling a pain.

Hair transplant surgeries last 6 to 8 hours in average, while anesthesia administration takes approximately 15 minutes and patients feel no pain after anesthesia is administered. Local anesthetic agent is administered twice; the first one before the harvesting and the second at the incision phase.

Hair transplant surgery is carried out under local anesthesia or in other words, the intended body part is numbed with certain medicines that are administered into the skin. Although this method suppresses the pain caused by procedure, a concern is likely for patients who have needle phobia or who are anxious about the procedure-related pain.

Needleless anesthesia method, which has, recently, gained popularity in many developed countries, is one of the local anesthesia techniques that minimizes anxiety of the patients and thus, facilitates the procedures carried out by the physicians.

In hair transplant surgery, needleless anesthesia uses state-of-the-art devices. The device placed on the head sprays the high-pressure air into the skin and thus, anesthetic agents penetrate into the scalp. Later, the medicine spreads in the tissue according to the principles of diffusion. The most important point that the patients should know at this stage is that after some numbness is achieved with the device, the needles will still be used for tumescent anesthesia.


Hair transplant is a large market. Unfortunately, some clinics describe needleless anesthesia as pain-free in order to be one step ahead in this market and make patients prefer their clinic.

It is the local anesthetic agent itself rather than the technique that causes pain while local anesthetic agent is administered. Therefore, needleless anesthesia will alleviate pain, but it is definitely not completely pain-free. While a search is conducted, patients should not rely on those who say the contrary.


Unfortunately, it is a fact that patients feel some pain, while local anesthesia is administered. The important thing is patient-specific or personalized applications that take into consideration, the reactions and needs of the person in a non-automated manner.

We take the psychological state of the patients into consideration in all the treatments performed by our physicians, who use state-of-the-art devices, in our clinic. We perform all operations safely using the necessary technological devices in order to maximize comfort of the patient and we follow all global updates and developments in this field.

In our clinic, the hair transplant surgery with needless anesthesia aims not only creating positive outcomes for patients, but it also targets to minimize the pain felt by the patient, while the process is performed far quicker and easier.

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