Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

Postoperative period of the hair transplant surgery is pretty important for the success and there are many other points that patients should pay attention at this stage. At this interval, washing the hair after the hair transplant is very important. The transplanted hair cannot fully implant into the target or recipient zone in the first couple of days after the transplant and therefore, an incorrect approach may affect the outcomes of surgery adversely by damaging the hair follicles.

It is possible to create successful outcomes in hair transplant surgery only if physician’s advices are followed and patients act responsibly. This article addresses the answer of the question “how is hair washed after a hair transplant surgery” in detail.


Correct timing is very important to wash the hair for the first time after the hair transplant. The correct time varies for each person and the decision should be based on the advice of the physician who performed the hair transplant surgery. However, the recommended time usually varies from 2 and 4 days after the surgery depending on findings of patient’s evaluation.

After the procedure, you need to use foam and shampoos that are paraben-free, contain natural and nourishing ingredients and rejuvenate the hair in our clinic.

As is the case with all stages after the hair transplant surgery, strong trauma to the scalp and contact of nails to the recipient zone should be avoided, while the hair is washed.

The scalp should not be directly exposed to the pressurized water from the shower head while the hair is washed; low pressure water should be used.

Water should be warm that is used to wash the hair.

It is recommended that the patient is accompanied by a family member or a friend, when the hair is washed for the first time.


1- Spray Panthenol on your transplanted hair and wait for 40 minutes; this interval may also be 20 minutes, if you do not have time.

-A thin layer that covers the grafts will be sufficient.

-If you face no problem while supplying the spray, you can also use it for the donor area.

-You will have to use Panthenol spray for 15 days. If you cannot supply it, the other option is Bepanthol body lotion.

-If you see no crust on the scalp 15 days later, you can stop using Panthenol spray. You may continue using it, if you want, as it is a good moisturizer.

2- Go to the bathroom. Adjust the temperature (warm) and the flow pressure (low) of the water. Your grafts should not be exposed to pressurized water.

3- Pour shampoo on the recipient area. Pour some on your hand and foam the shampoo.

-Touch tips of your second and third fingers gently on your grafts and continue this approach for 15 minutes.

However, you should touch your grafts gently and motions of your fingers must on the vertical plane; please do not rub your grafts in circular fashion or do not move your fingers sideways. It is only touching your fingers on your grafts gently; you do not need to massage. (Hair should be gently massaged to shed crusts, if any, after Day 13).

After you gently touch and wash your grafts for 15 minutes, adjust the water flow again (low temperature and pressure) in order to rinse the shampoo.

4- Wash the donor area with shampoo. You must clean tissue remnants and blood by gently rubbing the recipient zone in order to prevent infection. Do not hurt yourself in the first week by rubbing strongly.

5- Dry your hair with paper towel or a kitchen towel. Please do not use a normal towel since it may pull your grafts.

6- Apply Fucicort cream on the donor area. Please do not apply it on the recipient area.

Since your donor area will recover after 5 days, you may stop using Fucidin cream.

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