Hair Loss Due to Traction and Pulling

In the most general terms, such conditions can be called a type of hair loss caused by excessive pulling force of the hair. In this context, in its most general form, this situation develops due to hard and tight hair buns, braids, hot hair straighteners made to shape the hair and hard hair combing applications. It is mostly seen in women who have curly hair and try to straighten them. In such a scenario, when it is noticed early and the cause is eliminated, it does not cause permanent hair loss, but rarely, such habits can also cause permanent damage. On the subject, especially the braids that remain in the hair for a long time cause hair loss with the effect of tension in the hair, stop the growth of the hair and ultimately cause permanent damage to the hair follicles.

In childhood, especially in girls, the process of knitting them begins with long hair. This means traction hair loss in early ages. Hair dye and other chemical applications can further increase traction hair loss.

When the scalp is examined in traction alopecia, areas of inflammation can be seen around the hair follicles together with hair loss in places where the hair is exposed to tension. Some patients may complain of tension, stinging or even dandruff in the spill area.

Traction aloe mostly occurs in the frontal, temporal and occipital areas where the tension of the hair increases. The spill is in the form of a line. When looking at the shedding area, miniaturization can be seen in the hair. This is due to the fact that the hair follicles are subjected to constant tension.

During the application of hair cosmetics, excessive stretching effects can be applied to the hair. For example, during the application of shadow on the hair, the hair group to be shadowed may be exposed to excessive tension.

It can be applied in hot and chemicals to shape the hair. For example, hot and straightening chemicals are used to straighten the hair in curly and wavy hair.

Buidis, which are used to make the hair wavy and curly, can cause long-term tension in the hair, causing hair loss.

Priorities should be prevented by revealing all possible reasons for treatment. If there is inflammation in the scalp at the spill site, lotions containing corticosteroids can be applied to the scalp or cortisone into the skin. 2% minoxidil 2 times a day or 5% form can be applied to the spill area once a day. Hair transplantation may be considered in people who develop permanent hair loss.

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