Cracks After Hair Transplantation

In this article of Istavita Clinic, you will get detailed information about the cracks that may occur after hair transplantation and you will find answers to your possible questions.

In most general terms, there are some minor problems faced by some of the patients after a hair transplant operation. At the beginning of the mentioned problems are the cracks that may occur after hair transplantation surgery. These cracks seen in the hair transplantation area of ​​the patient can be in different sizes from patient to patient.

Although this situation worries the patient at the beginning, it improves over time and the current problem disappears. As Istavita Clinic, in this article we have prepared for you, we have explained what may be the reason for the formation of cracks after hair transplantation, how and when the healing process begins.

Cracks After Hair Transplantation istavita Clinic
Cracks After Hair Transplantation

What Are Stretch Marks After Hair Transplantation?

In short, after hair transplantation, the cracks seen in a small number of patients are large and small cracks that open in the form of small channels in the transplantation area and do not contain hair follicles. In the photo we added for you, you can see the structure of the crack and see that there is no hair follicle in it, but the hair follicles are pushed to the edges of the crack.

What Can Be The Reasons For Cracks After Hair Transplantation?

As is known, hair transplant surgery is actually a surgical operation. During this operation, which is our subject, channels and holes where hair follicles will be transplanted are opened in the transplantation area. Afterwards, a small amount of blood leaks from each channel or hole opened.

Since it is forbidden to wash the hair transplant area for 2-3 days after the hair transplant surgery, it is not possible to wipe off these blood with water. Ultimately, this blood leaking to the surface of the scalp coagulates in the area where it is, and causes crusting by drying.

Then, as the blood and scab dries, the scalp stretches and shrinks. In the following days, this tension causes the shells in that area to separate and crack after a while.

When Do Cracks Occur After Hair Transplantation?

Cracks seen after the operation usually begin to become apparent from the 3rd day, but the most intense days are the time between the fifth and eighth days following the hair transplant operation. Usually, these cracks that occur in the first week are seen in some of the patients who have undergone hair transplantation, so there is no need to worry.

When Will The Cracks Pass After Hair Transplantation?

Like some minor problems you encounter or will encounter after Hair Transplant Surgery, the problem of cracks heals spontaneously over time. The most important issue to be considered here is that you fully follow the advice of our istavita Clinic doctors and experts. In the most general form, if daily washing is done according to the rule after the first wash, the cracks will be healed within 2 weeks.

After the surgery, as the patients continue to wash their hair, the scabs will soften and cleared from the skin. When the scabs that stretch your scalp away from each other are removed, your scalp will reach its own looseness and will have a natural appearance. However, if the crack problem persists even after 2 weeks after the hair transplant, it is useful to call our clinic and consult your hair transplant specialist. In such a possible scenario, our consultants will recommend a specific lotion / cream for you.

How Are Stretch Marks Healed After Hair Transplantation?

As we mentioned in our article, when you follow the advice of our experts, these cracks will heal automatically before 2 weeks are over. However, if you are doing research to avoid this problem or if you are just starting to experience this problem, we recommend that you consider our suggestions for you. We recommend that you pay attention to the following points in order to prevent the cracks that may occur after hair transplantation surgery or to ensure that these cracks heal quickly:

- After surgery, you should regularly use all the medicines your hair transplant specialist has given you.

- You should protect your hair from water, rain and especially sunlight until the first washing day.

- You should apply the softening lotion recommended by the Istavita Clinic to the hair transplantation area and wait 45 minutes for the first wash and all your hair washes for the first 10-15 days.

- After washing your hair, you should wash your head very carefully and take care not to leave any shampoo on your head.

- If post-operative cracks reach deep and wide dimensions, you should seek help from your hair transplant specialist and apply the cream or lotion recommended.

Is It Normal For Cracks After Hair Transplantation?

Although some postoperative problems are common problems faced by some patients, especially deep cracks are rare. Nevertheless, these cracks are considered to be a normal stage of the post-hair transplant process and it is emphasized that there is no problem to be concerned about. If you have a crack problem, have peace of mind, as istavita Clinic, we are with you after hair transplant surgery, we will receive free consultancy service for 1 year and we will be with you whenever you want until you have new hair.

In this field, we strive to make the best possible, and we are passionate about our work. As Istavita Clinic, our main goal is 100% patient satisfaction. For this reason, we have aimed to provide you, our precious patients, your unique personal care plan and to work with all our strength to make you look and feel your best by using cutting-edge surgical techniques. For more detailed information, we invite you to take a look at our website and talk to our consultants to find answers to your questions. Also, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us in order to improve ourselves and our service quality.

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