10 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplant procedures are one of the main Medical Aesthetic procedures preferred by men in recent years. Considering the dynamics of the current optic era, it is only natural that it is preferred by men in cases where self-confidence, a new style and appearance change are important and easy to reach. Since people who have not had one think it is a simple and easy procedure, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of making the right choice to get the image that you will have for the rest of your life.

The growth of the sector and the increase in demand has paved the way for erroneous titles and information given to patients in the internet environment by the personnel that offer to counter this demand. Some of these incumbents portray themselves as doctors with titles such as Hair Transplantation coordinator and hair transplant specialist, are not authorized to do this process, and they work as assistant staff under the supervision and responsibility of a doctor.

We want to inform you about the main criteria for choosing a hair transplantation center to guide you.

1.Know who your doctor is.

Is the information of the doctor (Hair Transplant Surgeon) who will do the procedure included on the web page of the clinic you have reached? Make sure that he has graduated from the medical school he claims on his CV. If there is no information about the doctors on the web site, stay away from these centers. You have the right to learn who will be handling the transaction that will affect you for the rest of your life. You should also find out at which stages the doctor will be involved in your procedure and perform the procedure completely and how many patients he sees in a day. Do not forget that a hair transplant operation is a long-lasting procedure (6-8 hours), which means that if a doctor allocates you the proper time to examine, plan, execute the hairline and operate he cannot see more than 1-2 patients per day.

2.Ask about the medical center

You can have this procedure only in a hospital, medical center or medical polyclinic licensed by the Ministry of Health in Turkey. First of all, find out the address of the place where the procedure will be carried out. If the address is for an apartment flat, residence, villa, ask for the permission documents given by the Ministry of Health for this address. If the conditions have not been fulfilled and permission has not been obtained, this means that there will be no equipment, skills and teams to intervene when an emergency develops.

Remember, the important thing is not when everything goes well, but the ability to intervene professionally when a problem occurs with this type of surgical procedure.

3.Ask about the details planned especially for you

The main point of hair transplantation is correct planning. For a correct and natural look, expect them to give you an accurate treatment plan when you consult the clinic. The points to be considered in these treatment plans are how many grafts can be taken according to the state of the donor capacity, Hairline, Frontal area, central hair area, and how many grafts can be planted on the crown according to the doctor’s plans per cm2 with the correct data. Considering that patients can be informed with assumptions in general, a simple geometric calculation will show that the amount of hair that should be planted per cm2 is directly proportional to the area of that region which shows how sensitive the hair center is in this regard. Furthermore, the care displayed by the hair transplantation center about your health, your disease history and the medications you use will help us to understand how much importance it gives to this procedure.

4.Before and After photographs

Although the development of social media and internet enables clinics to present their patients’ photographs easily, they can show patients with better results by using hair enhancement products such as Toppik and modifying the results digitally through various programs. A proper clinic will present selectable and proportionally quality photos.

5.Comments and Social Media Followers

Since the number of followers on social media is virtual numbers that can be bought with money, the higher number of followers does not mean better. Do not let this mislead you. There may also be comments written on various platforms to convince you. Examine patient experiences or complaints in various areas on the Internet.

6.Method to be used and Pain

There are only 2 Hair Collection methods (FUE and FUT), 2 different transplantation methods (Manual or DHI) accepted in the world. This process is a process that can cause aches and pain depending on the patient’s tolerance. There are ways to reduce this, however the procedure cannot be completely painless, you can investigate it if you want. Remember, no doctor wants the patient to suffer. After all, the scalp is being treated and that means at least some pain. Clinics that are not patient-oriented offer painless, ache free, ICE FUE, and Golden FUE procedures which are not offered in the world and have no place in literature to trick patients. Such claims are enough to show that a clinic is not patient-oriented.

7.Continuous Training

Ask your doctor about the training he attended, any certificates, and request to see contemporary ones. Such certificates are an indication that your doctor is following the developments and improving himself.

8.Operation Details

Will your hair transplant operation be done correctly? The best way to understand this is to find out about the quality standards of the hair transplantation center, operation stages, how the quality control mechanisms operate. Details such as how successfully hair is collected from the Donor area, acceptable fracture rates, the storage of grafts, the selection of single, multiple hair root grafts for a natural result during transplanting will indicate how well the clinic dominates the procedure from a medical aspect.

9.Medication before and after the operation

Has the hair transplant center offered you any medication before and after the procedure? Have they evaluated you as a patient for complementary treatment rather instead of just surgery? Will any additional proven treatment besides the surgical procedure increase your results? This is an important step for you to see the results that will be promised in the future.

10.Right of revision and repeated hair transplantation operation in case of failure?

Although all clinics think that they will give you the best service, it is a fact that the results will be prolonged up to 1 year, post-op care process, circulation, advanced shedding, multi-factorial causes such as smoking, transferring hair from areas other than the donor area may cause unsuccessful results that you have often heard about. So did your hair fail to grow even though you followed all the instructions, carried out all the processes required by the clinic? How will your hair transplant in Turkey center respond to that?

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