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Obesity Surgery - Sleeve Gastrectomy (stomach reduction) Surgery

Sleeve gastrectomy / stomach reduction surgery title describes a laparoscopic (closed) procedure where we "shrink" the stomach into a thin and long sheath in a "banana" appearance.

What is sleeve gastrectomy?

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The "sleeve gastrectomy" procedure, known as "sleeve gastrectomy" in the English literature, is primarily used as the most common anti-obesity surgery in the USA, as well as in our center and in the world.

In general, the sleeve gastrectomy procedure allows 80-90% of the stomach to "restrict" food intake, using special and disposable "punch" hand apparatus, with a laparoscopic (closed) special and disposable "punch" through small holes in the anterior abdominal wall. It is based on removal without an incision.

Gastric sleeve surgery / stomach reduction surgery is the most common obesity surgery method in the world today. This surgery is a laparoscopic procedure that can be completed in under an hour with skillful hands. Thus, a large abdominal incision is not formed and the operation is completed by entering through small millimetric holes.

In addition, Morbid obesity, that is, body mass index over 40 is one of the most common and deadly diseases of our age. Fortunately, thanks to obesity surgery, it is now possible for those who are overweight to regain their health with "closed" surgeries that eliminate obesity.

The procedure also has a mild "malabsorptive" effect to reduce the absorption of food, but this effect is much less than gastric bypass surgery. On the other hand, as a result of the removal of the dome of the stomach known as the "fundus", the "appetite" disappears completely.

Gastric Reduction Surgery / Gastric Sleeve Surgery is technically an extremely easy operation for experts and we perform in a short time such as about an hour. In the technique used, the exit valve of the stomach, known as "pylorus" in medicine, is preserved, ensuring the continuity of the digestive system and less undesirable side effects are encountered after surgery.

The careful coordination of each stage of the tummy tuck procedure is more possible with the patient's willingness and patience to be involved in the process. Abdominal stretching procedures are followed with interest; It is possible to conclude abdominal aesthetic procedures smoothly by increasing the inclusion of clinics and hospitals in the system with expert technical care and expert awareness. Abdominal aesthetics is also an aesthetic tummy tuck operation preferred by women.

Keeping abdominal lifting procedures up-to-date and entering the system more actively has succeeded in becoming a hope especially for pregnant women. Careful follow-up of the tummy tuck procedure and the process steps allowed the idea of ​​removing stretch marks during pregnancy to be included and the rapid elimination of post-pregnancy fat accumulation.

Many other applications and sessions, such as diet lists and planning activities, do not give results, and for this reason, Tummy Tuck is the most effective and fast solution to correct cracks, sagging, fat accumulation and sagging after surgical interventions. The system continues its activities as an aesthetic operation to get rid of fat accumulation. It is possible for women to visit clinics and hospitals and examine all aspects of the Tummy tuck procedure and its stages, and therefore the Tummy tuck activity system needs to be quickly coordinated. Thus, doctor and technical support work can be facilitated without delay.

Tummy tuck operations are included in the restructuring process within the system. Generally, abdominoplasty method, called "total Tummy Tuck", takes about 3-3.5 hours. Thus, this period can take up to 4 hours if the patient has a large stomach. The surgery takes 1-1.5 hours to correct minor sagging, looseness and healing.

3-4 hours after the procedure, the patient can stand up and walk with the help of a relative. One day later, the patient can walk unaided and the process can be concluded in a controlled manner. All patients and individuals who continue the operation regimen within the abdominal stretching procedure and the operation process can be discharged from the hospital within 1-2 days, and then continue to tighten the abdominal area with a corset worn in a controlled manner. 1 month.

Abdominoplasty is considered as an exemplary surgical intervention and application performed with an aesthetic operation unit implemented in professional hands and under the control and supervision of patience and expertise. The patient can take a bath 2-3 days after the operation and continue his normal life. It should never be forgotten that the abdominoplasty process takes place gradually and the process can be carefully controlled and each session takes place under the supervision of technical support and experts.

It should never be forgotten that tummy tuck procedures should be included in the process quickly.In this process, the patient should take precautions against sudden reflexes and reactions such as sneezing and coughing, and should avoid any painful treatment sessions during the operation process. Any damage to the suture and surgery area is one of the most serious consequences for the patient. After the operation session established between the doctor and the patient and the culmination of quality communication, the patient can return to work within 7-10 weeks and quickly adapt to social life.

obesity surgery Turkey istavita Clinic
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The History of Gastric Sleeve / Gastric Reduction Surgery

The history of the development of "stomach reduction surgery" or "sleeve gastrectomy" is interesting. When the procedure was first used, it was applied as an "intermediate" or "pre" procedure to prepare "super" obese patients for stomach bypass or "duodenal switch" surgeries with BMI over 50. “The purpose here was to lose weight with the“ Sleeve gasrectomy ”surgery and then perform less complicated gastric bypass surgeries more easily and with less risk. Although this procedure is known to enable weight loss, it was thought that this effect would be incomparably lower than gastric bypass in the long run. On the one hand, as in all disciplines, emotions and feelings have no meaning in medical science, and some prejudices can sometimes have consequences against us. More precisely, after encountering the "time test", the comparison of the mathematical results revealed that this intervention itself can be extremely effective considering the average and long-term results of sleeve gastrectomy. Thus, "stomach reduction", which has been on our agenda for the last 10 years, is considered the most applied bariatric procedure today.

In addition, sleeve gastrectomy surgery can eliminate type II diabetes before weight loss occurs in the first days after surgery. This direct effect, which has nothing to do with losing weight, occurs through certain hormonal mechanisms that cannot be fully elucidated.

Is It Possible To Gain Weight Again After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Another important advantage of sleeve gastrectomy is that we can start the "stomach bypass" or "duodenal switch" operations, which are our alternatives, in case of weight gain after a few years, even if the possibility is low.

5 years after sleeve gastrectomy, patients still maintain 55-70% weight loss. After the obesity surgery we mentioned, the rate of gaining weight again in the long term is around 20%. At the same time, the likelihood of being morbidly obese again is extremely low, and this rate does not exceed 4%. Also, the risk of death from surgery is around 0.1%. Moreover, this method is as effective as stomach bypass in terms of weight loss or proximity to it. Since the malabsorption is much less than gastric bypass and especially "duodenal switch", various drug and mineral supplements are not needed frequently after surgery. The only unknown issue with this method is whether there will be re-growth in the stomach in the long term.

Related to this, patients with the longest follow-up period today were operated only 9 to 10 years ago and no serious problems have been encountered to date.

Will There Be Any Pain After Stomach Reduction Surgery?

Since sleeve gastrectomy is performed laparoscopically (closed), that is, only through millimetric holes, the pain after the procedure is minimal and the aesthetic result is excellent. The photograph depicts the incision condition of a patient on the 10th postoperative day, and these lines will become almost invisible after a few months. Our patients stand up immediately after the surgery and are at home on the 3rd day, and they can return to work within 6-7 days.

Is Regret Become A Problem After Obesity Surgery?

Obesity surgery (bariatric surgery) is one of the most speculated subjects in our country. On the other hand, "bariatric surgery" is an increasing type of surgery all over the world with very clear indications and dazzling frequency.

Istavita Clinic prefers to treat morbidly obese patients with tube stomach surgery in 99% of cases who have never had obesity surgery before.

Istavita Clinic "stomach reduction" technique and its application

In our center, 3 fully competent surgeons participate in all obesity surgeries together and the staple line of all cases is secured with "hand" for support. We think that this additional suture reduces unwanted side effects such as bleeding and leakage. As a matter of fact, we did not experience any surgical bleeding in our series of 100 cases and we observed leakage in a single case where we successfully treated and discharged, which demonstrates the effect and importance of this additional suture.

Stomach Balloon

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Gastric Balloon Turkey

The purpose of the gastric balloon is to limit calorie intake by reducing the food intake capacity of the stomach. This method cannot cure morbid obesity. It can be used for auxiliary purposes.

Is Stomach Balloon Method a Surgery?

Placement of the gastric balloon is an endoscopic assist method and is not an operation. In addition, balloon placement is definitely not an alternative to surgical methods in the treatment of morbid obesity. In other words, it cannot eliminate morbid obesity. On the other hand, it cannot be said that it is a completely invalid and unscientific process that should not be used by anyone.


With this method, a fist-sized balloon filled with methylene blue water is placed in the patient's stomach by endoscopy. Its purpose is to limit food intake by reducing the food intake capacity of the stomach. It is an initiative that is not difficult to implement and has reasonable risks. However, patients can only lose 7-8 kilos with this method and the balloon should be removed after six months or at most within a year. Therefore, there is never a permanent effect and all the weight lost in the long term will inevitably be regained. This is an observation of both ours and the world. In addition, these balloons create an unexpected discomfort, and in the first days after the procedure, a significant number of patients want the balloon to be removed due to the tension, pain, continuous retching and even vomiting they feel in their abdomen. For this reason, this procedure can only be used as a supportive method to lose some preoperative weight in overweight super obese patients who are preparing for true morbid obesity surgery. Therefore, it should be considered as an auxiliary method that can work, albeit rarely.

Bariatric Surgery Turkey

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Brieft information About Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Turkey

Sleeze gastrectomy or sleeve gastrectomy has become an operation we have heard and encountered frequently in recent years. The price of bariatric surgery, which is mostly applied as a closed procedure to treat obesity and prevent recurrence of weight gain, is of interest. In addition to the long-term damage caused by obesity, it is very important to understand the details of this surgical operation applied to reduce and eliminate overweight problems and to perform the operation by a good surgeon. Moreover, some conditions must be met for the operation, and it is not a procedure that can be delivered to everyone upon request.

Why Choose Bariatric Surgery?

Surgery is usually necessary to prevent many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure, sleep disorders, depression, and to eliminate the low quality of life caused by obesity. Surgical interventions are one of the most effective ways to lose weight, especially for obese people. Bariatric surgical operations that provide controlled and permanent weight loss after surgery provide high benefit in this sense.

Surgery Alone Is Not Enough!

Obesity, which is called the plague of the age, has descended until very young ages. However, surgery is not the first solution recommended for those who want to lose weight. Surgery, which is a glimmer of hope for those who have exceeded their body mass index, have difficulty losing weight, and cannot be successful in losing weight due to chronic diseases, is not enough to lose weight alone. Exercising, regular and balanced nutrition are indispensable for losing weight after a major operation! In order to avoid complications and to prevent the recovery of lost weight, it is necessary to continue a balanced and regular nutrition program under the control of a dietician for a certain period of time after surgery. Moreover, it is imperative to adopt an active lifestyle!

Who Can Have Bariatric Surgery?

Unfortunately, this surgery is not suitable for anyone who is fat and wants to lose weight. Obesity surgery consists of very serious procedures and carries vital risks. These surgeries, which require regular and disciplined follow-up, including pre-operative and post-operative psychological support, are applied to certain people under certain conditions. The operating conditions are listed as follows:

People with obesity disorder that does not improve despite treatment for 5 years or more,

Obesity patients who do not respond to drug treatment for more than a year,

Obesity patients between the ages of 18-60,

Patients with a body mass index of 40 and above,

People who do not have substance addiction,

Those who do not have endocrinological disorders that prevent weight loss,

Those who are psychologically ready for surgery and the next process.

Those who do not have any obstacles during the surgery can have stomach surgery.

Bariatric surgery operations, which are serious and risky operations, are performed differently for each individual. Each operation is planned differently according to the age, weight and current diseases of the people. It is very important to prepare the patient psychologically for the postoperative period.

How Is Stomach Surgery Performed?

These surgeries, known as the removal of a part of the stomach with open or closed procedures, are preferred as closed procedures in line with the patient's request and the great effect of the developing technology. Today, stomach surgeries are performed in three different ways.

Stomach restriction surgery

Stomach restriction and reduced digestive surgery or

Surgeries that disrupt digestion.

How Is Gastric Surgery Price Determined?

There are many factors that determine the price of stomach surgery. Bariatric surgery prices vary depending on many factors, especially hospitals and doctors. Here are some factors that determine the price of the surgery:

Whether the surgery is performed in a public hospital or a private hospital (State hospitals perform bariatric surgery on life-threatening patients, most of the costs of the operations are covered by the SSI (social security organization).

The province and district where the hospital is located, and even the region where the hospital is located,

The experience and title of the doctor (associate professor, professor, etc.) who will do the surgery

Extra services provided (dietician, psychologist, esthetician)

Detailed examination and analysis,

Pre-and postoperative lengths of hospital stay are important points in determining the price of bariatric surgery.

The price of bariatric surgery performed by a specialist team with laparoscopic instruments for 6-8 hours varies considerably on city and district basis. Stomach surgery, which has an average price of 20,000 TL to 80,000 TL, is a beacon of hope for patients who are at risk of life due to weight problems. The surgery, which is performed between 17 thousand and 35 thousand liras in an average hospital in Ankara, can be 75 thousand lira in total in Izmir. Stomach reduction surgeries were previously performed only in private hospitals and private clinics, but have been performed in public hospitals since 2015.

Stomach reduction surgery is an operation that needs to be prepared both financially and physically. These surgeries, which include various risks like all surgeries, require being prepared for the psychology of the surgery and the process and the physical change that will occur afterwards. For this reason, most doctors ask patients to seek psychological support as well as nutritional counseling. After the surgery, the weight lost with healthy nutrition and exercise is permanent. Depending on the patient, surgery is a definitive weight loss solution. However, the opposite can also happen. If the nutritional disorder continues, the weight lost after surgery can be regained and the stomach can grow again.

In this field, we strive to make the best possible, and we are passionate about our work. As Istavita Clinic, our main goal is 100% patient satisfaction. For this reason, we have aimed to provide you, our precious patients, your unique personal care plan and to work with all our strength to make you look and feel your best by using cutting-edge surgical techniques. For more detailed information, we invite you to take a look at our website and talk to our consultants to find answers to your questions. Also, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us in order to improve ourselves and our service quality.

What we are most happy about in plastic surgery is that the needs of each of our patients are different and therefore each surgery has its own artistic needs. With this in mind, we are pleased to proceed with your ideas, as the application to be done in the mind of our patients is the best possible and our patients will achieve the appearance they want. In this way, we have 98% patient satisfaction, and we are happy to see that our operations result exactly as our patients wanted. If you want to entrust yourself to experts and get VIP service for this operation; By clicking on the link https://www.istavitaclinic.com/contact, you can take your first step where your new look begins.

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