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Brieft information About Limb Lengthening Surgery

What is lengthening surgery?

Lengthening (limb lengthening) is orthopedic surgery performed for various health problems or aesthetic purposes. The bones in the arm or leg that are planned to be lengthened are cut in half. The space between the two cut ends is expanded with the help of a fixator. New bone formation is achieved in the space that is expanded daily. In these surgeries, the body's mechanism of creating new bones is used instead of removing bones from other parts of the body. With its own soft tissue, blood vessels and nerves surrounding it, new bones are produced at the two ends of the cut bone.
Lengthening surgical procedures can be applied to individuals who have completed bone development, who have shortness of arms or legs due to various diseases or who want to lengthen their height for aesthetic purposes. Distraction osteogenesis is the process of cutting the bone in the limb to be lengthened by surgery, separating the bones by 1 mm every day for a long time and closing the gap with new bone formation.
If the targeted lengthening amount in lengthening surgery is 8 cm, the procedure is applied only to the tibia or thighbone. If an elongation of more than 10 cm is aimed, both bones should be treated the same. The muscles, ligaments, vessels, nerves and soft tissues that are attached to the bone adapt to the elongation mechanism as the process is applied slowly and in a controlled manner. This process can be further accelerated with the physiotherapy sessions to be applied.
Height extension can be applied gradually in childhood, if the amount of shortness is high in the individual. The number of operations to be performed is determined by the condition of the person and the targeted elongation amount. It can be planned in 2 stages, before and after the age of 10.

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Why is lengthening surgery performed?

Bone development can be prevented and neck shortness may occur in individuals due to genetic reasons or diseases. The most common of the short stature caused by genetic reasons is achondroplasia known as interring dwarfism. There is no drug treatment for dwarfism, the only solution is lengthening surgery.
Other conditions that negatively affect growth are some diseases, kidney problems, malnutrition, and hormonal irregularities during childhood.
Lengthening surgery can be applied to both arms and legs in case of dwarfism, as well as to remove shortness or deformities in one arm.
Lengthening surgery can be applied to people whose growth plates have been damaged due to various accidents or diseases, as well as to eliminate leg inequality caused by the healing of the broken bone in an inappropriate position. Lengthening surgery, which can be applied in the short stature caused by leg curvature, ossitis, can be easily performed for people who have psychological problems due to short stature.

Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey istavita Clinic.png
Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey istavita Clinic.png

What are the types of lengthening surgery?

What Are The Methods Of Lengthening Surgery?
Various methods are used to increase height. Which method to use varies depending on the factor causing the short stature and the health, economic and psychological status of the patient. After evaluating all these parameters, the physician who will undergo the surgery will recommend the most appropriate technique for his patient.

Ilizarov Circular Fixator Lengthening Technique

In this technique, the lengthening process takes place as a result of stretching the wires passed through the cut bone by attaching them to the fixators made up of rings. In this method, also called extremity surgery, bones and soft tissues are separated by a maximum of 1mm every day. Nonunion fractures can also be treated with this technique.

After Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey istav
After Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey istav
Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey istav

Combined Lengthening Technique (LON: Lengthening Over Nails)

In the Combined Lengthening technique, a device is placed both outside and outside of the bone to be extended. After the first 2-3 months lengthening is done, the device outside the bone is removed. The part inside the bone is removed with an additional surgery after the elongation process is completely completed. When applied to both bones of the leg 6-7 cm at a time, 10-14 cm extension can be made at a time.
The motorized nail inserted into the bone is controlled by a remote control. In this way, the daily separation of the bone is done with a remote control.

Precice Intramedullary Lengthening Technique

The extension process is provided by a remote control by placing a motorized nail into the bone. After the newly formed bone is boiled and the elongation is completed, the motor nail is removed with a repeat operation. In this technique, when 6-7 is applied to two bones at a time, an elongation of 12-14 cm occurs.

Precice Stryde Lengthening Technique

Since the Precice 2.2 nail used in this technique is an upper version compared to the intramedullary nail, better results can be obtained. The lengthening process is performed by placing the nails in titanium structure into the bone as in the Precice technique.

Holyfix Lengthening Technique

In this technique, lengthening is performed by connecting the nails, which are unilaterally attached to the outside of the bone, to a device called Holifix. In each procedure, the bone grows up to 5 cm. It can be used on arms and legs.

How is the lengthening surgery performed?

Most important of all for lengthening surgery is an experienced orthopedic doctor and his team. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. However, some patients prefer epidural anesthesia. Thus, the operation takes place without patients being put to sleep during the operation.
With the start of the operation, the desired bone is cut. This process is called osteonomy. According to the technique to be applied, the leg is stabilized by tying devices inside the bone outside or on both sides.
In the first stage, the devices placed and the bone are slowly separated from each other. This process promotes the growth of bone. This is called distraction osteogenesis. By adjusting 4 times a day, a total elongation of 1mm is provided. If there is a post-traumatic misalignment problem in the bones, it can be treated with different adjustments in additional devices. The cut ends of the bones are removed daily until the desired elongation is achieved. During the treatment, patients can walk with crutches.
In the second stage, the newly formed bone tissue hardens and becomes durable. This stage is called consolidation. At this stage, patients leave their crutches and start walking on their own. If the desired elongation and improvement is seen when the bone X-ray is taken, the device on the patient leg is removed. The patient can use his legs normally and return to his daily life.
It is sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for 2 days for the lengthening surgery. Since the surgery does not usually involve large incisions, patients do not complain of pain after surgery. The success rate of the operations is over 95%.

How long is the recovery time of the lengthening surgery?

The healing process in lengthening surgery varies from person to person. Especially in the second phase of the treatment, children recover much faster than adult patients. If adult patients recover in 6 months during the consolidation process, pediatric patients will recover in 3 months. Physical rehabilitation treatments, diet and nutritional supplements are recommended to speed up the recovery process in the second stage.

How long does the lengthening surgery take?

Lengthening surgery usually takes 1.5-2 hours. Staying in the hospital for 2 days is sufficient. Although the recovery and lengthening process after the first operation varies from patient to patient, generally 5 cm extension can be achieved in 4-6 months. At the end of this period, 2 operations are performed in which the fixing devices are removed.

Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey istavita Clinic Before and After Photos
Limb lengthening Surgery in Turkey istavita Clinic Before and After Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Differences Between the Methods?
The combined lengthening technique (LON technique) is an extension technique that is lengthened over the nail. There are 2 devices on the inner and outer sides of each bone. will be.

The Advantages of the Combined Extension LON Technique Compared to PRECICE and STRYDE:
Motorized nails are not used in combined extension technique. After the operation, the patient can walk immediately.
It is the most common and reliable method used today.
It is more convenient than other methods in terms of cost.
In this technique, at the end of the lengthening, the fixing devices used with a second operation must be removed.


PRECICE-2 is the latest technology method used. Motorized nails are used.

Advantages Compared to Combined Lengthening LON:
The fixation device is placed inside the bone. Therefore, it does not cause any discomfort to the patient and the risk of infection is low.
There is no fixing device attached to the outside of the bone, the extension process is done by remote control.
It is more comfortable.
The recovery time is approximately 3 months shorter than LON.

STRYDE is a higher version of its method Precice-2.

Advantages Compared to LON and PRECICE 2:
Nails used in the Stryde method are more durable than those used in Precice 2 and are made of stainless steel.
Because Stryde nails are suitable for carrying more weight, the patient can leave the crutches and walk on his own within a few weeks.
In the Stryde method, blood thinners are not given to the patient, which reduces the cost.
The external bone fixation device is not connected, it can be controlled by remote control. For this reason, it is more comfortable.
It heals in a shorter time compared to Lon.

Will I Have Pain During the Extension Period?
Answer is no. The human body easily adapts to the extension process. Since 1mm lengthening per day is a very small lengthening procedure, no pain related to lengthening is felt except postoperative pain.

Can I have both Tibia (calf bone) and Femur (thighbone) Surgery at the Same Time?
Unfortunately this is not possible. Two surgeries cannot be performed at the same time.

What are the Risks Associated with Leg Lengthening Surgery?
As in all operations, there is a risk in lengthening operations. The risk situations that the patient should know before having this surgery are as follows:
Surgery and anesthesia risks, tiny infections that are not serious, easily treatable, risks due to embolism (blood clot), circulatory disorders, risk of pain due to nervous tension.

Who CANNOT HAVE A Lengthening Surgery?
First of all, one should be aware of the duties and responsibilities of the patient after heightening. If these responsibilities are not fulfilled, the operation may fail, as well as risky situations may occur. For this reason, people who may have difficulty following the instructions of the doctor during the extension period should stay away from this operation.
Apart from this, those with psychological disorders such as coagulation problems, HIV-positive patients, infection patients, and dysformic disorders should not undergo height increase surgery.

What types of Leg Lengthening Surgery Methods are Available?
Combined lengthening (LON) method is the most widely used method in lengthening surgeries and preferred for its low cost and fast recovery time. Apart from that, Ilizarov, Holyfix, Recice 2 and Stryde methods are used.

How does the LON Method work?
In the Combined Lengthening technique, a device is placed both outside and outside the bone to be extended. After the first 2-3 months lengthening is done, the device outside the bone is removed. The part inside the bone is removed with an additional surgery after the elongation process is completely completed. When applied to both bones of the leg 6-7 cm at a time, 10-14 cm extension can be made at a time.
The motorized nail inserted into the bone is controlled by a remote control. In this way, the daily separation of the bone is done with a remote control.
The fact that the operation is in 2 stages is important in terms of preventing angular deformity in the leg during the lengthening period of the stabilizer attached to the outside of the bone in 1 stage. Before this method, only methods using external fixators were used. The Lon method is one of the lengthening techniques preferred by surgeons today.

How many Centimeters Can I gain with Leg Lengthening Surgery?
For aesthetic reasons, it is not preferred to lengthen more than 6-8 cm per bone. First of all, the safety of the patient is taken into consideration. If the patient's need is more than 10 cm, then 5-7 cm lengthening is performed for each bone in both leg bones (tibia and femur). A total elongation of 12-14 cm is provided.


Can I get my Health Back Before the Operation?
Lengthening is a process that requires a long period of time. However, when the process is completed, you can fully regain your old health and do the sports activities you want. You can start sports 1 year after heightening. The most important factors here are to comply with the instructions given after the operation, to pay attention to nutrition and general health, and to do the necessary exercises.
How many scars occur on the legs after the surgery?
Tiny scars may occur after the operation. While some patients do not worry about this, some of our patients receive support from the plastic surgery department.
When will I Return to my Daily Life After Surgery?
After the lengthening operation, your device is removed in the 3rd month, recovery is provided in 4-5 months and you can return to normal life in 6-7 months. Of course, these times may vary from person to person, depending on leg flexibility, nerve and tissue structure.
Can I walk With a Device on My Legs?
As long as it is not too extreme, you can take a walk at home or outside and get things done.

What are the Difficulties of this Surgery?
These surgeries require patience. After staying in the hospital for 2 days, you will need a period of 2 months where 1mm lengthening is performed every day. During this time, you can walk and do your work. Since 1mm lengthening will occur every day during the lengthening process, tension may be felt in the legs, but this is temporary.

Is any Preparation Necessary Before the Leg Extension Operation?
It is important to prepare psychologically before the lengthening surgery. It should also be prepared physically. Stretching exercises and swimming are recommended.


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