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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy
In general, hair mesotherapy is also a non-surgical cosmetic hair restoration procedure. It is mostly used in the treatment of hair problems such as baldness, hair loss, ringworm. The essence of hair mesotherapy treatment is based on the elimination of these problems, as most of the hair loss problems stem from nutritional deficiencies, reduced blood circulation in the scalp, hormone imbalances around the hair follicle, and androgen DHT loss.

How is hair mesotherapy applied?
Hair mesotherapy, superficial micro injections are placed in the middle layer, which is about 1 mm deep of the first layer of the skin, to stimulate the natural regeneration and growth process of the hair.
The treatment process to be applied against hair loss is specific to the patient. One session takes 10-30 minutes depending on the size of the area that requires treatment. Often, plant extracts, vitamins, or drugs such as finasteride approved for hair treatment are used on the scalp.
At least 10 intensive treatment sessions can be applied every 2 weeks for the first 2-3 months to stimulate the revitalization of the scalp cells and to create the necessary scalp conditions. After three months, session breaks may be longer.
Some people may experience positive results in the first few weeks of treatment. This period may take longer depending on the severity of the hair loss and how the individual responds to the treatment. Patients can observe significant results in the first 2-3 months of treatment, but the full effect of the treatment is seen after 6 months.
Hair mesotherapy may be a suitable treatment, especially for those with hereditary baldness problem. It is effective in both men and women.

benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

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Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy
It reduces Hair Loss.
It stimulates hair growth.
It prevents hair breakage.
It accelerates the formation of new hair follicles.
It repairs the damaged tissues in the scalp.
It reduces dandruff.
Increases blood circulation in the scalp.

What is Needle-Free Mesotherapy?
In needle-free mesotherapy, high-frequency ultrasound technology is used together with traditional mesotherapy solutions and a painless solution option is offered to people who are sensitive to treatment. The ultrasonic device delivers the drug mixture to the skin without the need for a needle. It also allows cell membranes to be temporarily permeable so that the cell can absorb nutrients from solution.

It is mostly applied in facial rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, body tightening, moisture balance, hair treatment. Less side effects are seen since no injection is used. There are other devices and applications such as meso peeling used in needle-free mesotherapy. However, according to research, these are not as successful as needle mesotherapy. Drugs can only be effectively delivered to the middle layer through needles. It is useful to carefully investigate needle-free mesotherapy as an option.

Side effects and harms of mesotherapy
Mild pain in the treated area
Increased skin sensitivity
Burning sensation, itching
Pigmentation problems such as dark spots in the treated area or red injection scars
Hypersensitive skin reactions such as rash and rash
Infection and edema caused by it
Rarely bleeding

Side effects are not long-lasting and can vary from one patient to another. Since allergic reactions may develop to some drugs used in mesotherapy, an allergy test should be performed 24 hours before the treatment.