Fibroblast Cell Culture Treatments

fibroblast cell culture treatment.png

Skin gets thinner and sagging as we get older. The reason is that collagen and elastin in dermis layer of our skin diminish in time. Collagen and elastin decrease due to decrease in the number of fibroblasts producing them. While fibroblasts are around 400 thousand in number in a young skin, in an old skin this number drops to 20 thousand. 20 times decrease in number results not only in thinner skin but also in low numbers of veins in skin which are the source of nutrition; in other words liveliness.

In fibroblast cell culture threatment procedure, a piece of 2 mm skin extracted from back part of your ears under local anesthesia will be multiplied by culture method in laboratories designed with the help of advanced technology. 6 weeks after, this cultured skin will be back to us as around 100 million fibroblasts. Those cultured fibroblasts, which are delivered in injections to our clinic, will be injected shallowly by micro-injections to any location we want to increase the dermis quality in. doses can be performed as multiple session if needed. Since your own tissue is injected in cell sizes, the rate for it to hold on and live is too close to hundred percent.

Fibroblast cell culture application area might be our aging face, sagging decollate, or hairy skin prepared for transplant. This practice is approved by both FDA and our national ministry of health. As it is applied by multiplying own tissues of the patient, tissue rejection, or allergic reactions are not possible.

Fibroblast cell culture practices are also very effective in hair loss treatments even without hair transplant. Strength of your hair to hold on to hairy skin is directly correlated to the increase in collagens in hairy skin; thus increase in fibroblasts.