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Brief information About Face Lift Surgery

face lift surgery

Face lift operations are among the main areas where modern aesthetists serve in an area where technological activities continue. Facelift and facial rejuvenation is one of the process stage services offered as an integrated package that continues to update its place in the system. The facelift process is one of the leading activities among medical science that is subject to a coordinated process.

Facelift services are carried out within a framework plan, one of the most important functions in processing the process from part to whole and completing the face as a whole. Wrinkles around the eyebrows, dark circles under the eyes and sagging, collapsed cheekbones, neck sagging and circumference are among the issues that require lifting activities, each of which should be handled separately. The need to continue facelift procedures is felt more intensely by people aged 50 and over.

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Technological Tools and Face Lift Studies

Technological possibilities, the power of digital usage, brand and product advertising areas are increasing and each creates a colorful and high quality work performance that enables them to take their place in the system as procedures that give a separate momentum to the process. The restructuring of the facelift by updating itself in every aspect and ensuring that the facelift process can be performed actively and quickly is closely related to the fact that it continues to be seen as the new face of the state-of-the-art and technical instrument system. quality of aesthetic areas.

The face lift process gains meaning with excessive fat, wrinkles, oil injections, skin lifting and revitalization processes and is reinforced with their participation in the process. Facelift is regarded as an extremely important field in medical science in terms of being seen as a visionary medical science. As facelift procedures gain the functionality of a field of activity through a visionary process research, facelift technical support and communication units will provide you with a communication hotline and mobile reinforcement, providing more success in terms of momentum.

In the service work related to face lift activities, it is reshaped with functionality and processed in a quality process in every aspect. As a visionary study, the technical side of the medical science trend will continue to be current.

Facelift operations; It functions as the most important and successful earning system of studies involving clinics, hospitals and all kinds of health technical support teams. Facelift continues to strengthen the brand and advertising perception in the process as an effective operation unit. The reshaping of facelift procedures by expanding their field of activity and re-developing from the beginning is proof of rapid success in facelift procedures. In this respect, as a technical success, the facelift technique process continues to change its functional plan.


Science studies expertise, technical support health unit studies, mobile support and social media use awareness are among the most important business services that face lift health services give priority. While facelift is the focus of clinical and specialist science, non-surgical application basis is one of the most preferred and widely used services and courses.

Face lift is a package application. These processes and applications continue to be updated in the process as a separate branch of the configuration and process, which is reshaped from every angle. Facelift procedures and scope of activity require careful and coordinated medication and injection supplements, stretching procedures and sessions, as well as expertise in all aspects. Operations also continue to further evaluate the functional space with the latest digital and technological technical vehicle system equipment. Facelift and surgery history are among the leading aesthetic procedures that require patience in all matters, follow the doctor's advice and go through routine control processes.

face lift Surgery Turkey
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Transaction Process and Its Importance

The facelift process continues to expand its activity regime as a technical support unit and to facilitate any questions, opinions and suggestions you may have regarding price options and other issues on your mind. The communication and support unit is at the focal point of the facelift process to facilitate the operation and in-process planning service. The scope of the facelift operation and the evaluation of the procedure is at the center of the facelift aesthetic specialist's work in every aspect.

Operational area and value awareness are the most important part of the facelift, and the activity fabric, which brings rehabilitation and psychological comfort and convenience to the sessions, are well-known features of the business and value system. The rapid adaptation of the patients to social life, their self-knowledge and reaching the highest levels of confidence proves the professionalism of the facelift and rejuvenation processes. In addition, the system shows that the processes of specialization in medicine cover the mental center of the patient.

The face lift process starts with the stretching of the skin around the neck and continues to cover the eye and eyebrow area extending to the chin, cheeks, temples, under-eye area, forehead and ears. In addition, facelift aesthetics consists of a package containing the treatment of all kinds of wrinkles, lines, sagging with oil injection, rejuvenation serums and all kinds of anti-aging potions and drug treatment that strengthens the process.

The acceleration of my facelift activities and the approval process show the high quality of the process and approval process in all respects. Activity regime studies and framework service policy development prove the importance of the brand and the success level of new technical equipment.

In this field, we strive to make the best possible, and we are passionate about our work. As Istavita Clinic, our main goal is 100% patient satisfaction. For this reason, we have aimed to provide you, our precious patients, your unique personal care plan and to work with all our strength to make you look and feel your best by using cutting-edge surgical techniques. For more detailed information, we invite you to take a look at our website and talk to our consultants to find answers to your questions. Also, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us in order to improve ourselves and our service quality.

About plastic surgery, what we are most pleased with is that the needs of each of our patients are different and therefore each surgery has its own artistic needs. With this in mind, we are pleased to move forward with your ideas, as the application to be done in the mind of our patients is the best possible and our patients will achieve the appearance they want. In this way, we have 98% patient satisfaction, and we are happy to see that our operations result exactly as our patients wanted. If you want to entrust yourself to experts and get VIP service for this operation; By clicking on the link https://www.istavitaclinic.com/contact, you can take your first step where your new look begins.

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Joe Hilpert


I have had a very good experience with my operation. Despite the very late arrival of my flight they were there to meet me at the airport. The hotel was first class.
All the staff were extremely friendly and explained things to me at every stage. After the initial anaesthetic injections, the whole thing was painless. I am looking forward to seeing my new head of hair!
The price included included everything except the follow up shampoo and vitamins.


Larry Steuber


Most brilliant team that look after you as if you're family. They are incredibly diligent and professional in every manner when it comes to the procedure and information given to you. The facilities are top of the range and you could not ask for a better operation than with iSTAViTA Hair Clinic and his amazing team! Thank You iSTAViTa Hair Clinic...


Ahmad Lejeune


Mon expérience s’est bien passé, l’hôtel est tres bien , l’équipe de la clinique à l’écoute.
Je suis content de mon expérience . J’ai hâte de voir la repousse . Ce qui m’a réconforter c’est qu’ils nous donnent un certificat qui explique que si ça ne va pas au niveau de la repousse Si nous ne somme pas satisfait , ils nous reprennent en charge assez vite .


Danilo Bellini


Very positive experience with Dr.Erhan istavita hair clinic. From pickup at the airport, to shutting me back & forth from the clinic to the hotel along with procedure and after care has overall been a very positive experience and I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for hair transplant in Turkey.


Jordi Camacho


Mi experiencia con istavita ha sido muy buena, era mi primer contacto para efectuar la operación en Turquía y todas las dudas que me iban surgiendo, Can me las iba resolviendo. Todo ha sido tal como el me lo explico. La recogida en el aeropuerto,los traslados,el excelente hotel y lo principal la clínica y todo su equipo. Una experiencia muy buena en un país tan lejano y desconocido.


Mirko Fleischer


Since 3 weeks my procedure and I’m very pleased so far , obviously I will know more in the coming months, but everything is exceeding expectations so far. My experience with istavita Hair Clinic was Five Star from start to finish. The clinic was modern and clean. Everything was very professional, all my questions were answered promptly and with confidence. All the members of staff, the owner and doctor were polite, friendly and showed an excellent level of care. Would highly recommend.


Ross Davis


My totall experience was great with istavita hair clinic .from the beginning that they pick you up from the airport till they bring you back to the airport was everything perfect organized . You can feel that you are in hand of a very professional team , so I can recommend istavita hair clinic to everybody who is doubting to do this .
So thanks again to all the team from istavita hair clinic


Nathan Rossi


istavita Hair Clinic and his staff are far superior than any doctors in the states. The hospital are new, modern and spotlessly clean. From the moment I arrived at the hospital the day of the procedure I had a team of 6 to 8 medical professionals taking care of my every need and making me feel as comfortable as possible at every stage of the process. If you’re planning to have a hair Transplant I can’t recommend Can highly enough!


Axel Roland


I was so impressed by the professional staff and the clean clinic, It was an amazing painless experience. i had one surgery in the past and i was shocked to find out that the second time, was so painless. The staff are so nice and professionals, responsive and answer every question over call and text. i recommend every person who need this procedure to go to istavita hair clinic


Gabriel Studer


had a great experience with istavita clinic from start to finish. Understandably with a treatment such as this, I did a lot of research & compared a number of different clinics & physicians. My contact for istavita was a guy who answered my many questions quickly & with a great deal of patience at different times of the day. He was clear as to what to expect which lived up to what happened.